Let’s not bring back the bad ol’ days and the Good Ol’ Boys

Once there were four. Soon there may be none. For those of you who don’t remember the bad ol’ days when East Lincoln was under represented or not represented at all on the county commission, let me refresh your memory. We were treated like red-headed stepchildren, if you’ll pardon my lack of political correctness. We […]

Zickefoose’s retirement is long overdue; time to move on

  The sudden departure of the county school system’s finance officer leaves many unanswered questions and at the same time it opens the door to a new era for the school system.   For years, Steve Zickefoose has dodged more bullets than the Lone Ranger as he has weaved tale-after-tale and developed excuse-after-excuse as he […]

Is the cost and hassle of prom really worth the ‘memories?’

I wrote a column several weeks ago about my concern that parents were spending way too much for prom these days, and many of you agreed in your comments on our Facebook page.   North Lincoln held its prom last weekend so those parents have already shelled out the loot. Outfits had to be purchased, […]

Highway 16 drainage needs short-term fix, long-term solution

  God bless him.   You’ve just got to love Westport resident Rudy Bauer for his persistence and desire to see Denver become all that it can be and to keep it from becoming what it should not.   At just about every county commission meeting you can count on Rudy to stand up during […]

Learning an important lesson from some ‘newcomers’

  And “a little child shall lead them.”   I passed by a father/daughter duo Saturday morning picking up trash as I  headed to the Denver Farmers Market.   I thought “Oh, that’s nice.  Must be some sort of school or Scout project.”   On the way back, they were still on Webbs Road heading […]

Give state an ‘F’ for support of public school teachers

Got an e-mail the other day with a subject line that piqued my curiosity – “Teachers plight, teachers flight.”   Because we have teachers in our family, it made me stop and read the e-mail.   The NEA had released its Annual State Rankings report.  The good news is that North Carolina leads the nation […]

The message was delivered, and the messenger lives on

Someone around here tried to kill the messenger last week and failed.   In this case, the “messenger” was news@norman, and although I’m not sure which message they wanted to hide from the public, my best guess is that they didn’t like my story about a controversy at the Pumpkin Center Fire Department.   The front-page […]

Time to consider the transition to a countywide fire department

   Lincoln County taxpayers spend about $6.5 million a year to operate 11 fire departments across the county. In most cases, they do an exceptional job protecting lives and property and providing first-responder emergency medical services.   Each department is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, governed by an elected board of directors whose members […]

Firefighters stood tall, and stood proudly behind their chief

I found myself in an unusual position Monday night, and although it all seemed to work out fine, there were some very tense moments.   After months of unsuccessfully seeking answers from the Pumpkin Center Volunteer Fire Department to four simple questions, a board member invited me to their monthly meeting where I could ask […]

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