Denver businessman Jim Mahan will seek GOP gubernatorial nomination

Jim Mahan to run for governor

Denver businessman James Mahan is attempting to do what only one other person from Lincoln County has done in more than 200 years: be elected governor of North Carolina.
Mahan traveled to Raleigh on Monday and filed as a candidate in the May 8 Republican primary.
Mahan, a former East Carolina University student body president and athlete at Lees McRae College, said he would be a creative and innovative governor who would return prayer to every public school in the state and a would have full employment in North Carolina after 185 days in office.
The cofounder of Carolina Eye Care Technician School in Denver is also a Realtor.
Mahan pledged to serve only one term if elected, and said he would run a positive campaign.
The leading GOP candidate for governor is former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory. Three other people are also in the race: James Harney of Fayetteville; Paul Wright of Dudley; and Charles Kenneth Moss of Randleman.
McCrory, the 2008 GOP nominee, narrowly lost in the general election to Democrat Bev Perdue who decided not to seek reelection.
Mahan has an ambitious and unusual agenda including a program to challenge all North Carolinians to “lose 10 percent of their body weight” and start a sports activity, and a requirement that all banks would be required to fund “all acceptable loans” within 30 days of an application.
He also said he would partner with the real estate industry in a “Buy A House” campaign to turn the housing industry around in one year.
Among his other platform issues:
q Education – “Useless teacher observations will be phased out” and teachers will be allowed to “use creative teching methods.” He also said teacher pay will lead the nation after he is in office for 33 months. He also said he would give 100 students across the state his private phone number. “Students facing difficult problems will call the governor,” he stated.
q Zahra’s Love – The first school day of each month, Mahan said he will telecast a program into each classroom in the state. Gov. Mahan would give a “motivating, inspiring” messge that would be centered on doing the right thing. The program would be named in memory of Zahra Baker, the Catawba County child who was murdered a couple of years ago.
He did not say how he would fund his program.

“I can assure the nine million people of this state that we will become the model state for the entire nation as we move forward,” he stated.
A military veteran and active member of his church, Mahan said that he was once miraculously cured when doctors informed him that he would never walk. His bio states that he was ranked No. 9 in singles tennis players of North Carolina in 2010. He also states that he is former college instructor and children’s book author.
The first and only governor to come from Lincoln County was William Graham, born to an influential family in east Lincoln. Graham, who later moved to Orange County, served in many elected positions, and was governor from 1845-1849.

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